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Safe House Cover

Safe Houses, Explorations in creative nonfiction. Edited by Ellah Wakatama Allfrey
Dundurn Press May 2016 ISBN 978-1-45973-547-7

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“To the concern that not enough African voices are represented here, an obvious rejoinder: “More, please.”
from the May 2016 Globe & Mail review.

‘Forgetting Lamido’ … is not only a culturally astute examination of the necessity to hide one’s homosexuality for the sake of career success in Nigeria, but also a heartbreaking tale about what happens when love is deferred; about how romantic interests not pursued beg the question, ‘What if?’

“Forgetting Lamido” highlights one of the strongest points of this collection: how it effortlessly alternates between the personal and the political; how sometimes the personal is political, …. from This is Africa Me review.

Forgetting Lamido
Durndun Books ISBN 978-1-45973-802-7
Available Worldwide August 2016 here

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