On the west side of South Elliott Place, it’s Elliot with one T — wrong!

On the east side, it has two T’s — correct!

Forgive the residents of South Elliott Place if they have been having an identity crisis.

They have wondered for months why all the signs on their street are different. On the east side, the signs are spelled with two Ts. On the west side, one T rules.

“It’s just embarrassing,” one resident said. Another called the city’s Department of Transportation months ago but the signs, which mark the two blocks from Dekalb to Fulton, remained.

Several inquiries from The Local have brought the promise of change. The wrong signs will come down, but it’s unclear when the replacements will be put up.

“The correct spelling is S. Elliott Pl. Four signs will be removed Friday, March 6, and replaced soon thereafter,” DOT spokesman Scott Gastel said in a recent e-mail.

Given that it takes months to make new signs, residents may have to live without signs on one side of the street for some time.

BTW, Elliott Place is named for Henry Elliott, a wealthy 19th century shoe merchant.


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